Tennessee River Thru Paddle...

Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Illinois

The Tennessee River is the main watershed coming into the heartland from the SE. Like many of the inland waterways, it is a series of locks and dams that enable navigation by barges. It begins in the beautiful lush hills of the southern Appalaichan Mountains. From there it travels SW through the Tennessee River Gorge as it cuts through the Cumberland Plateau.  Many beautiful natural areas and many areas over-filled with lake houses. Into northern Alabama and Mississippi, then bending and heading north across Tennessee’s Kentucky Lake. Past Peducah KY and then out onto the Ohio River.  Approx 225 leagues paddled.  There are some wonderful people on this river.  Thank You, I miss you all...


The Ohio looked like a good river, so I took out where SuperMan grew up at Metropolis, IL and headed for the headwaters...


This was a back 2 back 2 back expedition along with THRU paddling the Allegheney River and THRU paddling the Ohio River.


the sky.... but its also down.

there was a young lady named bright,

who coud travel much faster than light,

she set out one day in a relative way,

and arrived the preceeding night.

A happy soul is the best shield for the cruel world of people

Special Thanks 

My Trail Family


To the ones who I have crossed paths with along the way, who have been so great and real! Thank You; I miss you all

The Crew

I could not do it without them...

For the support, guidance, and encouragement to dream dreams, and to chase them...




Abraham of the River


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