Austin-Healey 3000

Mark III Phase II


A "Big-Healey Super-Car"!  

How awesome is that!

This is the latest and greatest!

It had been off the road for years; waiting for its moment...

it has been an awesome project to bring back to life!

Better than ever!

A "Big-Healey"



and technological


Several months were spent finishing this long term restoration.  It has become an automotive sculpture.

A Super-Car! Few were made and few exist in this fresh of a state.


The last of the 3000 series, the Mark III Phase II BJ8 represeants one of the most sought after and collectible british sports cars ever created.  Its legacy in the rallies of the1960's created a legend that lives on in the high price that the final "Big-Healeys" command.  The BJ8's are the most luxurious, weather tight, and powerful of all the Austin-Healeys.

These have steadily increased in value since the 1960's, and continue to do so. 


Exterior...The clean and rust free body has "New" paint, and assembled with clean hardware

              -recently buffed, polished, and three coats of wax applied.  

            The clean and rust free under-carraige and chassis is sealed in quality paint (check out wheel well photos)

            New convertible top, just installed and with a 6 year mnf. warranty.

            Fresh racing wheels.

             New Mirrors

             NEW Tires


Interior... New front Seats,New seat rails, New carpet kit, New Vinyl, New window / door seals and fuzzies,

         New driver glass, New window glides, New door stops, New door hinges, New door handles,

         New door releases, "mileometer" vacuum gauge.

         New dash control backplates and knobs, New cable controls, New choke controls

         Rebuilt tachometer (all New "old school" electrical components) 

         Rebuilt speedometer (New drive gears)

          New Speedo cable

          New 90 degree speedo drive

         Awesome interior lighting


Brakes...  New master cylinder, New brake booster, New wheel cylinders, New calipers, New Caliper paint,

             New shoes and pads, New springs, turned rotors, New paint on drums, springs, rebuit adjusters;


Engine....  Fresh engine mechanicals.  I did the initial fire-up; pre-lubed with added zinc and an initial burn      

   time of 20 minutes at about 2000 RPM.  Oil drained, then New filter, oil, and zinc. 

   Valves adjusted as per AH handbook.

   Freshly rebuilt HD8 Carbs,

   Awesome engine compartment lights: ready for the evening shows


Transmission: interior is glyptoled and has crisp clean gears. Oil drained and overdrive sump strainer cleaned; New    oil, overdrive solenoid and electronics have been adjusted as per manual.  It cleanly shifts through the gears,  as well as in and out of the A-type overdrive.  


Misc: Detailed rear end, New clutch Master cylinder, New clutch hose, New clutch slave cylinder, New Hydraulic         resivour, New exhaust system, serviced fuel pump, NOS fuel tank, painting and detailing through-out,

    new firewall grommets.


Suspension...NEW tires, New wheel bearings: presure greased and shimmed, New paint, New hardware,

    fresh and new bushings


Electrical...  New Battery, New wiring harness, misc. connectors fluxed, soldered, asembled with di-electric grease.


NEW TIRES... Firestone F560; New tube in spare tire





Rear End

Front End





Convertible Top


Under Carriage 


the sky.... but its also down.

there was a young lady named bright,

who coud travel much faster than light,

she set out one day in a relative way,

and arrived the preceeding night.

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