"High to Low to High Plus"


A Reverse Yoyo plus of the L2H route

approached with a Reverse YoYo Plus of the High Sierra Trail



Hiking from the highest point in the continental United States,

Mt. Whitney (14,508ft ) of the Sierra;

I traversed two additional mountain ranges and four low valleys on the main route

making it to the lowest point, Badwater Basin (-282ft) in Death Valley.


Then turning around I marched back to the summit of Mt. Whitney,

 with some alternate and bonus routes and peaks along the way...!


Some describe the Low to High Route "L2H"

as "Trecharous and Perilous"

and the great majority of the time it is, BUT...

I walked to Low gettin thru the hot stretches followed by my moon shadow

and strolled back to High with afternoon desert rain showers...


Though I walked "thru" the Valley of Death, I feared no evil


Approx 57,000 feet of elevation gain and loss in approx 285 miles

15 Days

100 Gigabytes of Photos


Summit of

Mt. Whitney  x3  (1 bivy night) (14,508ft) (once on approach)

Telescope Peak x2  (1 bivy night)   (11,043ft)

Three unnamed Peaks along the Telescope Ridge (Just below telescope elev)

Bennett Peak (1 Bivy night)  (9980ft)

Rogers Peak  (9994ft)


THE "Plus"

1 summit of Mount Whitney was on route approach.

Charcoal Kilns (the best preserved in the west)

WildRose Canyon and Oasis

Darwin Falls and Canyon

China Garden Springs

Cerro Gordo Alt Route

Rain in Death Valley

My water bottles froze in Death Valley (Bennet Peak Bivy night)

THE HST reverse yoyo plus as an approach


Special Thanks to

Water Cachers

Cris and Chica

L2H Thru hikers

Puppy and Bulldozer

for being AWESOME!


the sky.... but its also down.

there was a young lady named bright,

who coud travel much faster than light,

she set out one day in a relative way,

and arrived the preceeding night.

A happy soul is the best shield for the cruel world of people

Special Thanks 

My Trail Family


To the ones who I have crossed paths with along the way, who have been so great and real! Thank You; I miss you all

The Crew

I could not do it without them...

For the support, guidance, and encouragement to dream dreams, and to chase them...




Abraham of the River


Since the Dawn of Dream