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Allegheny River...

Pensylvania and New York

The Allegheny River is the main stem of the Ohio River.  From the area known for hundreds of years as the "canoe spot" near the headwaters in North Central PA; I meandered about 100 leagues down river through SW New York and into NW Pensylvania.  Through the Kinzua resivour and over the dam; onto a paddling waterway, weaving in and out of islands down to "The Point"; the headwaters of the Ohio River.


The Allegheny is an intreaging waterway as it holds both "old" and "recent" history.  It has been the path of traveling natives, fur trappers, early explorers and the westward expansion.  It played important roles in the formation of the United States and its role in the industrial revolution.  The first oil well in the world was in this very valley.  It still holds many remote and quiet areas considering the population concentrations of the Eastern U.S.  So many great and kind people on this river.  Thank You, I miss you all.


This was a back 2 back 2 back expedition along with the Tennessee River THRU paddle and the Ohio River THRU paddle.

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