the journey has been the most natural thing, but nothing I expected


so see the drop down list above, under  IN THE WOODS and ON THE WATER

The Heartleands Basin consists of a series of the Major Waterways within the heart of

North America.  They are veins that have connected peoples, places, and ideas for several


                         Upper and Lower Mississippi River

                         Lower Arkansas River

                         Missouri River

                         Tennessee River

                         Ohio River


Rivers Thru Paddled:  Upper and Lower Mississippi River (old river route)

                                        Manigotagan River, Manitoba Canada

                                        Arkansas River Navigation System (Lower Arkansas)

                                        Missouri River

                                        Tennessee River

                                        Ohio River


Sections of Rivers: Allegheny River (majority paddled) NY and PA

                         Buffalo River, AR

                         Current River, MO

                         Kaw River, KS

                         Green River, UT

                         Spring River, OK

                         Neosho River, OK and KS

                         Bloodvein River, Manitoba, Canada

                         Gammon River, Manitoba, Canada

                         Fowl River, MN

                         Green River, KY

                         Upper Arkansas River

                         Wapiti River, (by dogsled), Alberta Canada

                         Smokey River (by dogsled) Alberta Canada






individual locks to lock thru:   74


dams paddled over: several


OVER 111,111  photos


Solo Days with loaded canoe:

  Longest - 65 miles

  Shortest - 0

  Islands camped on ... over 60

 Approx nights out ... ? years ?


Longest Portage: 9 miles (twice)

Shortest Portage: 1 foot


Special Thanks 


the sky.... but its also down.

there was a young lady named bright,

who coud travel much faster than light,

she set out one day in a relative way,

and arrived the preceeding night.

A happy soul is the best shield for the cruel world of people

My Trail Family


To the ones who I have crossed paths with along the way, who have been so great and real! Thank You; I miss you all

The Crew

I could not do it without them...

For the support, guidance, and encouragement to dream dreams, and to chase them...



Abraham of the River


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