10,000 miles / 28 days

A Father / Son Team,

transform a pile of parts into a supercar!

Then set out on the open road;

a journey to test men and machine!

...A Throwback to the Endurance Rallies of Old...

TR3 to the Arctic

From the rolling plains of the mid-west to the remote Arctic tundra of Northern Alaska; and then back! 

With hundreds of miles of remote gravel roads, it is a feat for any vehicle.

Mid-way back we were rammed by a dumptruck, even though running 5 extra lights.

 It scrunched the back and pushed us forward, blowing out the top of the engine.

 Fortunately we were carrying a few tools and able to rebuild the engine in a hotel parking lot, in a day.

From there we cruised the remaining 2500 miles, no problem.

It was an incredible long term dream and journey to get to share with my Dad.

Now de-scrunched and tuned up,

 we are just about ready to go again!  

This time, our sights are on the North East.

The Far North East!!!


the sky.... but its also down.

there was a young lady named bright,

who coud travel much faster than light,

she set out one day in a relative way,

and arrived the preceeding night.

A happy soul is the best shield for the cruel world of people

Special Thanks 

My Trail Family


To the ones who I have crossed paths with along the way, who have been so great and real! Thank You; I miss you all

The Crew

I could not do it without them...

For the support, guidance, and encouragement to dream dreams, and to chase them...




Abraham of the River


Since the Dawn of Dream