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North Woods winter

wINTER IN THE Superior National Forest and the B.W.C.A.W.

Winter Camping Expeditions into the North Woods... The Superior National Forest and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Hiking, Snow Shoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Skijoring, Ice Fishing, Winter Camping Skills, Dogsled Expeditions, Snow sculpture, Ice Climbing

okpik 1 068.JPG
okpik misc 070.JPG
okpik misc 080.JPG
musher camp 071.JPG
musher camp 070.JPG
musher camp 004.JPG
finch and dog trek 071.JPG
okpik 1 104.JPG
finch and dog trek 012.JPG
Last trip 070.JPG
okpik shutdown 042.JPG
okpik misc 075.JPG
okpik misc 047.JPG
ice climbing trip 011.JPG
ice climbing trip 026.JPG
okpik, feb 105.JPG
crew feb10-13 005 - Copy.JPG
dog run and duluth 025.JPG
finch and dog trek 114.JPG
okpik 1 115.JPG
finch and dog trek 060.JPG
finch and dog trek 031.JPG
finch and dog trek 029.JPG
musher camp 059.JPG
okpik, feb 138.JPG
okpik, feb 131.JPG
okpik, feb 145.JPG
okpik, feb 158.JPG
Last trip 007.JPG
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